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Welcome to myword online.

We want you to know that nothing in this world can weigh you down, not even what you are going through right now. We want to believe God with you for the liberation of your soul. You are never alone.

Latest from the Blog

The Faith Poem

hearing the word of faithMany people are encamped in tragedies of no return with struggles stranded in sorrow and grief. Entrapped in the mysteries and the mystics of lifeIn doing right it all seem good. But where fate has no way for believing, faith has no way for unbelieve.Cause by the fingure of the most…

The story

___________________ Many of the big dreams I dreamt,I dreamt, when I met a failed attempt.Life taught me to believe that great ideas can start from a wretched hut.Many of the strongest steps I took,I took, when I was given the fiercest look.My passion pokes me to understand that people’s mockeries, I can withstand.Many of the…

Do you have a shock absorber?

Shock absorbers are devices designed to absorb and damp shock impulses. It does this by converting the kinetic energy of the shock into another form of energy that is heat energy which is dissipated. In this life, we need to have shock absorbers because, the shocks of life are meant to destroy us and shift…

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